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M4 Company, LLC is a company 35 years in the making.  


Founder/President/CEO, Bryan Malone, started his construction career in Metro Atlanta in 1980.  At the young age of 11, Bryan began cleaning residential construction sites for Atlanta Home Builders Edwin T. Elliott and Louis T. Camerio.  Mr. Elliot and Mr. Camerio owned a conglomeration of Construction Companies, one of which was KLM Construction, Inc.  KLM Construction was established in 1985 by Kathryn L. Malone, Bryan's Mother.  Mrs. Malone was a pioneering female home builder in the mid 198o's.  During the 1980's Bryan learned most construction trades through hands on work during summers, weekends, school breaks, and holidays.


Fast forwarding through college, Bryan obtained a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University in 1995 and spent a few years in the Construction Product Manufacturing Industry before returning to the Construction Industry in 1998.  Since 1998, Bryan has been privileged to work with Michelin's Retread Truck Tire Construction Group, Malone Plumbing, Fluor Enterprises Inc, Evans General Contractors, Cely Construction, and BE&K Building Group in Property Development and Industrial/Commercial/Residential Construction.


Over the last 20+ years as a Contract, Project, and Operations Manager, Bryan has worked on projects ranging from as small as $30,000 to over $4 Billion.  Bryan has worked in many States in the continental US, as well as, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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